Hullabaloo 8 minute resumé of the show


Hullabaloo full performance video (recorded at Monty, Antwerp in March 2015)



The NEW evening length performance by David HeHullabaloo - dec 2014-8rnandez and DH+/Cacao Bleu premiered in Epinal, France at Scénes Vosges on January 22nd, 2015 with a series of performances that followed in Flanders in February & March!


Hullabaloo is a celebration of rhythm and movement; an exciting evening where the dancing sings and the music dances. With live music by Michel Debrulle, light by Hans Meier and an intriguing setting by Saskia Lauwaard and Katrijn Baeten, Hullabaloo is a light-hearted show with a talented and eclectic cast that you shouldn’t miss! Hullabaloo is currently touring so look out for some dates near you!

Hullabaloo - dec 2014-58


Concept and choreography

David Hernandez

in collaboration with


Michel Debrulle


Thomas Demay, Shai Faran, Renate Graziadei

David Hernandez, Colas Lucot, Timea Maday

SCENOGRAPHY                             Saskia Lauwaard, Katrijn Baeten

LIGHT                                              Hans Meijer


PRODUCTION                                 Cacao Bleu, Lenneke Rasschaert

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT             Emilie Jacomet


Hullabaloo - dec 2014-39

This performance is currently available for bookingFor more information, please contact Lenneke Rasschaert @